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A stroll down Harriet Tubman Trail– named in honor of our great freedom fighter and leader of the Underground Railroad who led thousands of slaves to freedom in the north–is a must for all visitors to Sassafras Ridge. Harriet Tubman Nature Reserve, an area containing hundreds of wild herbs and roaring streams, was set aside by the developers for the community. Thousands of wild herbs and flowers bloom at Sassafras Ridge, starting in early spring and continuing until late into the fall. There are about thirty species of deciduous trees, making fall spectacularly beautiful with shades of peach, orange, gold, crimson, and green, painting the hillsides and valleys. Ginseng, yellow root, ginkgo, golden seal, sassafras and other helpful, healing herbs grow everywhere.


In the 1800’s, Africans escaped from slavery in Georgia and Alabama and lived in the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains.  It is documented that many continued on to freedom in the North on the branch of the Underground Railroad that ran up the ridges of the Appalachian Mountains (including the region of Sassafras), some stayed and lived in the mountains with the Cherokee Indians, and some were forced to walk to Oklahoma with the Cherokee during the infamous Trail of Tears.


At Sassafras Ridge, we proudly affirm our rich African American 

heritage and culture, and the culture of the indigenous people of the

region– the Cherokee Indians. In addition to Marcus Garvey Drive, 

named after the great Pan-Africanist leader and founder of the largest 

African American organization ever in the US in the early 1900's ...

there's also Mae Jamison Lane, named after the physician and first

African American female astronaut... And the soon to be dedicated

Songhai Way, named after the great Songhai Empire in West Africa

during the 14th thru 16th centuries, and Cherokee Nation Road!


                                                                Queen Mother Harriet Tubman

Pick some golden 
seal, ginseng or flaming orange wild azeleas.
Play, pray or
meditate by the roaring streams.
Become one with mother nature and
feel the energy of
the forests!

Harriet Tubman Nature Reserve


Click for partial list 
of plants, trees and herbs.
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